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Distromex,  is a full line, in-country distributor of medical-surgical products and devices.  With a 50,000 sq. ft. distribution center located in Mexico City, Distromex supplies the Mexican Government social security entities, ISSSTE and IMSS, PEMEX, SSA and SEDENA.  


Distromex participates with the above-mentioned entities on various health-related projects. Distromex consolidates its efforts and resources to guarantee a constant supply of medical-surgical products and devices for these institutions and Physicians by importing medical products for their 6,500 hospitals.


ISSSTE and IMSS also operate grocery stores and pharmacies throughout Mexico. Our company has been supplying these stores for over 23 years. 


Today, more than ever, the Mexican government led by President Enrique Peña Nieto, has a tremendous interest for the healthcare of all Mexicans.  Enclosed in the presentation, is a recommendation letter from the Secretary of Health inviting your company to collaborate with us in developing a program capable of supplying medical supplies for the Mexican health sector.  


The National Health Council (Consejo Nacional de Salud) is responsible for establishing all necessary policies that will guarantee the health for all the Mexican people and works directly with the 32 State Secretaries of Health.  Please see enclosed, the Diario Oficial (Official Government Publication effective July 5th, 2001) comprising the laws that are in effect including the entities for every Mexican citizen.   


Distromex has established this acquisition program to best fit the needs of the Mexican Health Department.  Included in the presentation, you will find letters from ISSSTE and IMSS about the program.


The Mexican Government entities purchase from Distromex in four different ways:


1.       Licitaciones is a traditional bid process awarded to vendors based upon the best pricing submitted for each classification of products in its Formulary (Cuadro Básico).


2.       Partidas Desiertas, deserted and unfilled items that were not awarded from the traditional bid process.


3.       Compras Directas or Asignaciones Directas, direct sales to hospitals with contracts.


  1. Medical procedure kit packs and trays are being assembled within a 10 K clean room environment. The sterilization of our packs is done by IBA's subsidiary Griffith Technologies in Mexico (


We invite you to view our website at and to join Distromex in reaching the new goal allowing all Mexicans to have access to healthcare for their well-being.




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